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Before you posit that Elliot Rodger must have been mentally ill because stable people don’t do what he did, did you say that about the 9/11 hijackers or the 7/7 bombers or the Beslan school hostage takers or assailants of Mumbai?

No, because they were terrorists?

Well why were they terrorists? Because they had a true belief - one that was possibly written down - an agenda, made a concrete plan, and then carried it out?

What, exactly, is the difference?


Fat people do not have to be healthy in order to deserve dignity

Fat people do not have to be healthy in order to deserve dignity

Fat people do not have to be healthy in order to deserve dignity

If I see someone say, “It’s ok to be fat as long as you’re healthy,” one more time I’m gonna lose it. I know this is a crazy radical idea, but how about someone’s health has nothing to do with how you should treat them or how much respect they are deserving of?

Another myth that is firmly upheld is that disabled people are dependent and non-disabled people are independent. No one is actually independent. This is a myth perpetuated by disablism and driven by capitalism - we are all actually interdependent. Chances are, disabled or not, you don’t grow all of your food. Chances are, you didn’t build the car, bike, wheelchair, subway, shoes, or bus that transports you. Chances are you didn’t construct your home. Chances are you didn’t sew your clothing (or make the fabric and thread used to sew it). The difference between the needs that many disabled people have and the needs of people who are not labelled as disabled is that non-disabled people have had their dependencies normalized. The world has been built to accommodate certain needs and call the people who need those things independent, while other needs are considered exceptional. Each of us relies on others every day. We all rely on one another for support, resources, and to meet our needs. We are all interdependent. This interdependence is not weakness; rather, it is a part of our humanity.

— AJ Withers Disability Politics and Theory p109 (via dandyfied)

You Can’t Undo Body Shame by Shaming Other Bodies →



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[The graphic consists of a photograph of Morpheus from The Matrix. The text at the top reads: “What if I told you” and the text on the bottom…

Labeling women as “crazy” is a way of controlling them. It may not be something planned or pre-meditated, but the ease with which men call women “crazy” says a lot about them. Calling a woman “crazy” is a quick and easy shut-down to any discussion. Once the “crazy” card has been pulled out, women are now put on the defensive: the onus is no longer on the man to address her concerns or her issue, it’s on her to justify her behavior, to prove that she is not, in fact, crazy or irrational. Men don’t even have to provide any sort of argument back – it’s a classic catch-22; “the fact that you don’t even see that you’re acting crazy is just proof that it’s crazy.”

On Labeling Women “Crazy” | Paging Dr. NerdLove - Part 2 (via umajanelaaberta)

also applies to other marginalized groups/sometimes words&emotions other than “crazy” are used against specific groups (i.e. “angry” being used against black women)