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FUCK YES. Thanks for adding your two cents to my Fat Solidarity post! You made some really good points. <3. from heavymuffintop

Sure thang, girl!

My feminist education and activism have been shaped in significant but disparate ways by the fat acceptance and disability activist communities. The intersection between fat and disability looms large in my mind; so many times when you are talking about one, you are also talking about he other—especially, it seems, in the context of invisible disabilities.

At the same time, many body-positive movements try to substitute health for beauty and take prescriptivist stances, excluding people with disabilities for whom loving their bodies is even more fraught than it can be for the rest of us. s.e. smith takes this on at FWD/Forward really beautifully here (although Tumblr won’t let me actually link it right now: http://disabledfeminists.com/2010/09/11/conversations-about-body-image-a-place-at-the-table-for-me/).

Ultimately, I think anyone who wants to be body positive needs to remember that not all bodies work the same. When we talk about “loving your body for what it can do” we run the risk of leaving some people out. I think we can move to a place of respect for bodies as living spaces and as people rather than objects without leaving anybody out.